In this blog, women and their families share their experience of birth trauma. These stories are shared in their own voice and may be distressing to some readers.

Please take care to ensure you are ready to read these stories today and engage in the self-care and support you need to process what these stories bring up for you.

We tell these stories because many people find them helpful and it informs us all of the wide range of birth experiences families undergo.

“When there is one way, one story, learning is stunted. When we have more stories, we have more from which to learn. We see over and over again how choices, options, more stories, help us all.”

You can submit your story by emailing ABTA.


Beauty comes from birth trauma

‘Scars of Beauty’ a Community Art Exhibition supporting ABTA

Scars of Beauty is a community art exhibition being held at Dudley House, Bendigo. It is a place that people can connect, have conversations and gain more awareness of birth trauma. We encourage the art shared to be light and uplifting, showing stories of post-traumatic growth in a positive light.

Jo, Ben and their healthy duaghter after a traumatic birth and HELLP diagnosis

Birth with HELLP – Jo’s story

Jo shares her story in the hope to raise awareness of HELLP Syndrome, to highlight the importance of preparing your mind and body for birth and surrounding yourself with a supportive team.

Baby Noa in NICU

Corie’s story – birth trauma and NICU

Trigger Warning: This birth story discusses trauma, topics discussed include forceps delivery, emergency theatre and postpartum haemorrhage, and NICU stay. If you are seeking support for