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ABTA delivers facilitator training to community health workers

A couple of weeks ago, ABTA CEO Amy Dawes and our Group Facilitator Lead Rhiannah Pohlman, visited Tamworth Community Health in Tamworth (NSW) to deliver facilitator training.

Since its launch in 2020, ABTA has been offering our six-week birth trauma support program, Peer2Peer Meets. This program was developed to address the gap left by traditional mothers’ groups, which often leave women with birth-related trauma feeling isolated and unsupported.

Peer2Peer Meets provides women who have experienced birth-related trauma with a safe space to understand and explore their experiences. It helps them connect with peers and develop personalised plans for their healing journey.


Key Objectives of the Program:

      • Provide a sense of belonging: Ensuring participants know they are not alone.

      • Validate felt trauma: Acknowledging and understanding each individual’s trauma.

      • Normalise emotional challenges: It’s okay not to be okay.

      • Create new social supports: Building a network of supportive relationships.

      • Provide access to care pathways: Connecting participants to necessary resources.

      • Assist in developing a path forward: Helping participants plan their recovery journey.


    One participant shared her experience:

    This group and the facilitators were active listeners, respecting each other's stories. The plan covered all topics, yet was flexible to daily needs, reducing any feelings of nerves or distress. The facilitators were genuinely passionate and helped us peers not feel isolated. Authentic, kind-hearted, and connected is how I would describe the six weeks. I am thankful.

     Thanks to our friends at Peach Tree Wellness, this program is currently available in Brisbane. Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding, we have been unable to expand this much-needed service to other states.

    Earlier this year, Tamworth Community Centre contacted us, recognising the need for this vital support, as many of their mothers were experiencing birth trauma. We decided to diversify the delivery of this program to reach more women, ensuring they no longer have to navigate early parenthood with symptoms of psychological and/or physical trauma.

    Feedback from the Tamworth team has been encouraging:

    The ABTA facilitator training was very informative and easy to follow. It provided a space to explore and learn more about birth trauma, inspiring me to think about how we can advocate for change. The workbook covers important topics and is a great resource for information regarding services. I highly recommend the training and am very excited to start the groups within our community. Thank you.

    I found the ABTA facilitator training very well-paced, with plenty of time to discuss important issues and differing perspectives. The training provided great information and resources to equip facilitators to run the six-week sessions. It was invaluable to go through the workbook with people who have lived experience. The workbook is logically sequenced for learning and discussion. Great training, highly recommend it. Thank you.


    Our aim now is to collaborate with community health centres across Australia.



    If you are interested in finding out more, please email:

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