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Where To Start

We recognise that you have found the Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA) because something isn’t right. Our goal is to give you the confidence to recognise your symptoms and seek the right help to suit your needs.
Firstly, try to identify if your symptoms are psychological, physical or both, as the care pathway you take will be different. Secondly, you are not alone and seeking help is the first step towards being kind to yourself. The longer you delay seeking support and help, the more stress you place on yourself.

For Mums

The delivery of a baby can be a positive experience for some women, but for others it can be very negative, resulting in physical and/or psychological injuries (trauma). We are here to support you with an understanding and non-judgemental ear, evidence-based information as well as guidance on the steps you can take to move you forward on your journey. We hear you.

For Fathers & Partners

We recognise the vital role that fathers and partners play in the lives of women affected by psychological and/or physical trauma and acknowledge the trauma those fathers and partners experience themselves during a traumatic birth. We hope this information encourages fathers and partners to seek help and understand they are not alone.

For Family & Friends

When a loved one has experienced birth-related trauma it may be difficult to understand what they are feeling and how you can help. Our aim is to provide you with information and support so you can take their hand and walk this journey alongside them.

If your baby suffered an injury, you can request more information or seek support by emailing