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Code of Conduct

Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA) volunteers and staff are ambassadors for the charity whenever they act in a volunteer/work capacity. They represent our core values:

  • To promote acknowledgement and understanding of birth trauma through advocacy, education and research
  • To engage in active collaboration with health professionals, other perinatal service providers and consumers
  • To lead with empathy, compassion and without judgement
  • To contribute to better health outcomes for mothers, babies, families and health care providers

In the delivery of the Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA) services, all ABTA volunteers and staff:

  • will adhere to ABTA Policies and Procedures
  • will not discriminate unfairly against people on basis of age, gender, sexual preference, marital status, religion, ethnicity, disability or financial status
  • will show sensitive and non judgemental regard for the client’s beliefs and values. Personal beliefs or ideals are not to be imposed on clients or other staff or volunteers, nor discussed within a support session. This includes religious, personal or any other beliefs or philosophies
  • will respect the confidentiality of the client within the limitations of safety to that client and the community. P2P Mentors are expected to offer support and respect to all clients and are also required to respond in a way that ensures safety of clients and other third parties through affirming life and minimising risk, harm or abuse to community
  • will not engage in conduct that might damage the reputation of ABTA and the services it provides
  • will provide and update ABTA with relevant information about their background, criminal history and personal circumstances that could affect actual or perceived ability to carry out their role
  • will not contact or facilitate contact with a client during or after the contact, nor exploit the client for any personal, physical or emotional gain
  • will work within the limits of their role as defined by the Job Description and other ABTA Policies and Procedures
  • will recognise the limits of their training and expertise and make appropriate referrals when a client’s requirements are beyond their expertise or outside of ABTA’s service purpose
  • will not provide services when under the influence of alcohol or other drugs which may impair judgement
  • will utilise supervision processes to develop service delivery skills, monitor performance and provide accountability for practice
  • will actively practise self-care
  • will not use or disclose any information (de-identified or otherwise) obtained while undertaking their role within ABTA, including but not limited to client stories, training material or any policies and procedures, without written permission from ABTA
  • will not disclose any personal details to clients, including the P2P Mentor’s full name.

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