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A little letter to the NICU parents from the NICU nurses

NICU baby

First of all we want to congratulate you on your new bundle (or bundles) of joy! What a journey! The rollercoaster of emotions you must have felt from the time you found out you were to become parents and the time is finally here!  

However we know that being in the neonatal unit is not something you have prepared for.  Whether your baby was born early, needs support with their breathing, requires medicine for infections, or phototherapy for jaundice just to name a few – as nurses we can only imagine what an overwhelming and stressful time it must be right now.  As NICU nurses our passion is babies and their families so please be assured that we are here for you and your baby for whatever lies ahead! 

There are a few things that as nurses we want parents to know.  While you may look around and see numerous monitors, cords and strange faces – you are as much a part of your baby’s care as we are.  You have the most important role in the NICU and that is being the parent!  Please do not be afraid to speak up, ask questions or be involved in the ongoing care of your child.  There are things that we are trained to do to help your baby however at the end of the day there are many things that only you can do.  And as the parents we will assist in supporting you all every step of the way. 

And finally, (even though it does not feel like that right now) I hope we can give some comfort knowing that this time in the nursery is not forever.  You have many wonderful years ahead and soon this will all seem like a distant memory. But for now we understand and can empathise that this is not something you have planned or expected. We hope that you know that we believe it is an incredible privilege and honour to look after your baby and we do not take this job lightly. Remember to take each day as it comes, take care of yourselves and please know we are always here to offer support, guidance and extra cuddles!

All our Love,


NICU Nurses


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