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Welcome to the Australasian Birth Trauma Association
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Birth Trauma Awareness Week (BTAW) is held in July each year. The theme for 2024 is Informed Consent.
ThinkNatal Education and Training for professionals
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Our Peer2Peer services are available across Australia, offering different ways to connect at the right time, space, place and pace for you.
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The ABTA is a charity dedicated to better prevention and treatment of birth-related trauma​.
We do this through collaboration, advocacy, research, and peer-to-peer support.​
Whether you’re preparing for birth, healing from birth, or supporting a birthing person, we’re here to help.​
Our vision is for physically and psychologically safer births, and better postnatal care.​
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THINKNATAL HUB Launching February 2024

The ThinkNatal Health Professional Education and Training Hub is a collaborative space dedicated to advancing knowledge and support in perinatal care. This hub is proudly sponsored by Maliganis Edwards Johnson.

Welcome to the ThinkNatal Education and Training Hub, your dedicated space for support and growth in perinatal care. We stand by health professionals, birth workers, and those working with families during the perinatal period. Whether you’re a Midwife, Doctor, Mental Health Clinician, Physiotherapist, or involved in Community Health, our modules are carefully crafted to enrich your understanding of birth-related trauma. Our self-paced modules, developed in collaboration with our community, provide practical insights, evidence-based information, and powerful stories to inspire positive change.

I'm a parent seeking support​

I'm a individual wanting to advocate or support ABTA

I’m a health professional wanting to learn more.

I want to understand my birth experience


Are you preparing for birth, or healing from birth? Do you want to understand more about common childbirth complications, interventions, and outcomes? We have a range of evidence-based resources to help you on your journey towards a safe, informed, and positive birth and recovery.

Our Support Services

Talk about your birth experience with parents who’ve been there. Our peer-led support programs are run by our peer mentors. They help women, birthing people and their families find hope. They are walking, talking proof that things can get better. They will provide you with an empathetic ear, free of judgement in a safe supportive environment, helping you take the first steps to healing after birth-related trauma.

Peer2Peer Meets

Meet in person. Supportive and informative workshops, packed with content that will guide you through your recovery.

Peer2Peer Social

Join our private Facebook group and be supported by others with a lived birth trauma experience.

Partner Support

We hope this information encourages fathers and partners to seek help and understand you are not alone and that support is available.

The ABTA provides various training packages to support the health and community sectors.

Are you a healthcare professional working with women, birthing people, and their families? Do you encounter birth-related trauma in your workplace? We have a range of educational resources and CPD training modules to aid your professional development.

ThinkNatal Education

Thinking about your next birth after trauma? We have created a series of educational resources designed to help you start meaningful conversations with your care providers.

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Birth Stories

Lived Experience

The first step in preventing and healing from birth-related trauma is talking about it. Read real-life birth stories from our members, learn more about prevention and treatment from our clinical experts, and get up to date with the latest research.

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News at the ABTA

Conversation Starters

We have developed several discussion guides and information factsheets, which support conversations with your health professionals and care providers.

ABTA's guide to debriefing

Perineal Tears Discussion Guide

my first pap smear after birth trauma

Assisted Birth Discussion guide

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Visit our Paypal donation page to give a one-off donation. Donations are tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt for your as soon as it is processed.

Mentor Applications

We are currently accepting expressions of interest from individuals wishing to be peer support volunteers with the ABTA. Training and ongoing support are provided and your time commitment is very flexible so you can honour your family, work and leisure commitments.

Other options for support

Women are welcome to join our Facebook Group – Australasian Birth Trauma Support to connect with other mothers and ask questions about trauma recovery.

Our Support Services Page contains information on other support services that may be useful. 

ABTA acknowledges and pays respect to the Traditional Custodians of the land, waters and communities across Australia, on which our volunteers and our community live and work, and to their Elders, past, present and future. ABTA recognises the special status of Māori as tangata whenua in Aotearoa New Zealand.