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A welcome $350 million for women’s health as a part of the 2021 Federal Budget


The Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA) welcomes the Federal Government’s announcement that they are investing $351.6 million in women’s health across the next four years as a part of the 2021 Federal Budget.

With a particular emphasis on funding toward cervical and breast cancer, endometriosis and reproductive health, the package is aimed at “improving long-term health outcomes for women and girls” across Australia’s announced in the Federal Budget on Tuesday 11 May 2021.

There will be $47.4 million for perinatal women’s mental health and wellbeing of new and expectant mothers, working to deliver universal perinatal mental health screening

The ABTA CEO Amy Dawes says “This is a significant and necessary commitment announced in the 2021 Federal Budget to the many birthing families that need support as they become parents. With 20% of women still not receiving mental health checks either before or after the baby is born, improving available services for women and families is crucial.” 

“At this time, it’s vital to remember that mental health issues are one of the most common complications of pregnancy and maternal suicide remains the leading cause of death in Australian mothers.” says Amy Dawes.

Federal Budget 2021

Support services such as the Australasian Birth Trauma Association are stretched like never before and we know that there are still many groups of people that struggle to access support.

“Reducing stigma associated with mental health and increasing the care and support that is available is a crucial step to improving long-term outcomes for Australian families.” says Amy Dawes. 

“We would like to thank all those that advocate for Women’s Health Rights and Initiatives, special mention to Fiona Martin MP, bettering the health outcomes for all women in Australia. We hope that newly funded initiatives supporting minority, rural and vulnerable women are a place of focus and would be welcomed and applauded.” 

About ABTA

Birth is wonderful. But sometimes birth is frightening. Sometimes birth is physically damaging. Sometimes birth is nothing like you hoped or planned.

It’s hard to hear, but important to say: birth can be traumatic. But it doesn’t need to be, and there’s help if it is. We are a peer-led community dedicated to helping women and families from Australia and New Zealand prevent and heal from birth-related trauma. We do this through advocacy, education, research and peer-led support.



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