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For Professionals

Each evening will feature two inspirational speakers, one session for professionals and one session for our community, birthing families and people who identify as having birth-related trauma.

As part of each of our speaker’s address, each attendee will recieve a summary of the presentation.

Birthing families are also welcome to join the professionals sessions, however we ask that you take good care of yourself as you might find some of the content difficult to listen to.


Fiona Reid portrait

Day One

Monday 23, 6.30pm

Why debriefing is important for women and organisations after traumatic birth

by Fiona Reid, Midwife

What is debriefing? The model used in a major NSW public hospital and what is provided for women as follow up to debriefing. Fiona will also describe what the common themes are in relation to trauma and how we can address them in subsequent pregnancy planning and management.

Lived experience: Ellie Goss

Day Two

Tuesday 24, 6.30pm

Traumatic stress in maternity healthcare workers

by Dr Andrea Walker, OBGYN

  • Definition of traumatic birth (for the woman, her baby, support people, maternity healthcare workers)
  • Effects of traumatic birth (for woman, her baby, support people, maternity healthcare workers)
  • Which maternity healthcare workers are affected?
  • What makes trauma more likely or worse for maternity healthcare workers?
  • What support, treatment, and prevention, is available?
  • Challenges for the present (including COVID-19) and the future

Day Three

Wednesday 25, 6.30pm

LGBTQ+ parent families and perinatal mental health care

Lucy Warwick-Guasp

Sharing with you her lived experience of postnatal depression and birth trauma, Lucy will discuss birth trauma from an LGBTQ+ perspective and the importance of offering a service inclusive of all families. Lucy will also share with you the collaborative work she is undertaking with mental health providers and supporting them to become more inclusive of LGBTQ+ parent families.


Day Four

Thursday 26, 6.30pm

Forgotten Fathers
A/Prof Alka Kothari

Associate Professor Alka Kothari, is a Senior Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and a clinician researcher with the University of Queensland. She has been conducting research into ‘Forgotten Fathers: the role of men in the journey through pregnancy and childbirth’ towards her PhD. Professor Kothari has shared her work in many national and international Conferences and she is a passionate advocate for men’s health and family inclusive maternity services. Lived experience – Clayton Schmidt

Day Five

Friday 27, 6.30pm

Compassionate care: Why language matters

by Amy Dawes, Co-founder, CEO of ABTA

Do we have the potential to change the course of someone’s life if we remember to treat them with compassion? Lived experience: Em Jensen

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