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Birth trauma awareness week 2023

July 16-23

Birth Trauma Awareness Week (BTAW) is held in July each year. The theme for 2023 is Postpartum Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Postpartum PTSD remains largely unknown and mis/underdiagnosed despite it occurring in up to 15% of parents in the first six months post-birth. This means that women, birthing people, fathers, and non-birthing parents are still falling through the gaps in healthcare and may not be receiving the best treatment for their needs. 

Let’s come together to address this issue, support those affected, and bridge the gaps in healthcare.  Our calendar for the week is coming shortly.

This July, step forward for safer births and better healing by joining our first annual BIG Step Challenge. You can go solo or grab some friends and family and challenge yourself to take 110,000 steps during Birth Trauma Awareness Week 16-23 July. That’s one step for every family impacted by birth-related trauma in Australia each year.

Fundraise for ABTA

ABTA is a national not-for-profit that relies on the generosity of the community and its wonderful supporters. There are lots of ways to get involved and support our work.

Participate in Big Step Challenge

We’re encouraging our supporters to participate in our Big Step Challenge.

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What's happening during Birth Trauma Awareness week

During the week will be fostering meaningful conversations and raising vital awareness about birth-related trauma. We’ve planned a series of  interviews with experts, who will sharing their insights. The lineup of online events will explore the complexities surrounding birth-related trauma. Here’s what’s planned:

  • Tuesday 18th July |12:00pm AEST – Join us for an Instagram Live for an interview with Caitlin Kay-Smith from Hyperemesis Australia

  • Wednesday 19th July | 10:00am AEST – Join us for an Instagram takeover with midwife, Helen Nightingale @RealMidwife – Do you have a question for Helen? Whether you’re facing challenges related to pregnancy or breastfeeding, struggling to bond with your baby, experiencing difficulties in your relationship, or even considering planning for another baby, Helen is here to help. Submit your question here.

  • Thursday 20th July |12:00pm AEST – In conversation with the Pink Elephants Support via Instagram Live

  • Friday 21st July |12:00pm AEST on our YouTube Channel catch Amy’s Interview with Julie Borninkhof, CEO of PANDA discussing support for parents that have experienced trauma in the perinatal period.

  • Saturday 22nd July | 7:00pm AEST – Amy chats with Dr Nicole Highet, Psychologist and Founder of the Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) where they discuss the new Australian Clinical Care Guidelines.

Our Priorities During Birth Trauma Awareness Week

1 in 10 women emerges from childbirth with PTSD.  The devastating impacts of this type of trauma suffer from a lack of awareness and progress, meaning that families continue to suffer in silence.

We will spread evidence-based information so that we can better prevent, diagnose and treat this type of trauma.

We aim to elevate the voices of parents and health professionals impacted by this silent epidemic by sharing their stories and real-life experiences and getting them in front of as many people as possible.

We want impacted individuals to know that they do not need to suffer in silence.


Postpartum PTSD is probably more common than most people realise. For some, symptoms of trauma may be treated as depression or anxiety. For others, ongoing symptoms aren’t noticed until some months after the birth – they may have been managed until they become too difficult to cope with. Lots of people may not realise they have trauma until they are pregnant or trying to conceive a second time.

We advocate improving screening and access to treatment, including greater access to affordable treatment options and, ultimately, better outcomes for all those affected.

We can't change the future for birthing families without your support.

As a volunteer-led organisation, we rely on donations so we can continue working towards our vision for physically and psychologically safer births and better postnatal care.

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