Scars of Beauty – Art Show

Did you know 1 in 3 women experience Birth Related Trauma (BRT)? It’s not just women who experience trauma, anyone can (partners, health professionals and even children). It’s likely you’ll know someone who has experienced BRT and it can happen along any part of the journey, when bringing life into this world (IVF, being unable to have children, infant loss, special care nursery, cleft palate, haemorrhage, prolapse etc). With your help, we want to celebrate the beauty that have arisen from scars. Everyone has a story to share and there can be light after dark.

Scars of Beauty is a gallery exhibition open for anyone to submit artwork that represents the beauty that can come from birth related trauma.

Scars of Beauty – Art Show

Exhibition opening night: Thursday 2nd Feb 6pm – 8pm 

Guest speakers: Amy Dawes – CEO ABTA, Helen Nightingale – Real Life Midwife, Dr Kara Thompson – Podcaster Pregnancy Uncut

Open daily: Feb 3rd – 5th  10am – 4pm

Family Fun Day (Art Activities): – Sunday 5th Feb 10am – 2pm

Venue: Dudley House, 60 View St, Bendigo VIC 3550

All proceeds from the sale of artwork will go to the Australasian Birth Trauma Association.

Perinatal Health Week Art Workshops

Perinatal health week art workshops will be held at the Old Church on the Hill, Quarry Hill from 10-2pm on the 12th of November.

Come with your friend, partner or kids to share ideas, collect some art supplies, gain some confidence with some new art techniques to boost your creative in sharing your ”Scars of Beauty” masterpiece. Most importantly coffee and kids craft and playground will be available!

Invitation to submit artwork

All are invited to submit a work to the gallery (women, partners, health professionals etc.) who has had an experience of trauma along the journey to having children, including IVF, being unable to have children, infant loss, special care nursery, postpartum stage, labour and delivery. The work must not contain nudity as it is a public space.

Artwork can be in any form (poetry, sculptures, art, prints etc).

The theme is light, bright and represents the beauty that can come from the darkness of trauma. Themes of artwork might be around: companionship, gaining trust back, using your voice, building confidence, finding strength, resilience, power, acceptance, love, human compassion, children, vulnerability, super powers, growth, heroes who have helped.

How to submit artwork

Please complete the online form to submit your artwork. Artwork delivery and collection can be arranged in person, by mail or by email, please advise when completing the online form. 

Here’s an example of an art work donated to Scars of Beauty for auction:

Thanks Julia Hutt for your donation! This print will be auctioned.

“Mom friends” by Julia Hutt

”I like when I don’t have to explain. Like when I lose my train of thought mid conversation. Mom friends know it’s because we respond to 100 “mommy!!!’s” every day. Mom friends understand the mental strain that is caused by rarely being alone with your thoughts, or not having time to process emotions, or being triggered in parenthood.

Mom friends know that we don’t love our children less because we want a moment to ourselves. Mom friends know that playtime always means lots of cleaning up, that cleaning up is a constant all day affair, everyday. Mom friends know that being touched out doesn’t mean we are bad moms, it just means we need a break. Mom friends also know that when we don’t have time for our friends it’s because we are trying to balance so many things and it can be hard, some weeks it just doesn’t happen and it’s all good, we get it. ”