‘Scars of Beauty’ a Community Art Exhibition supporting ABTA

Beauty comes from birth trauma

Scars of Beauty is a community art exhibition being held at Dudley House, Bendigo. It is a place that people can connect, have conversations and gain more awareness of birth trauma. We encourage the art shared to be light and uplifting, showing stories of post-traumatic growth in a positive light. 

Art is a language and expressive way to get across stories. Trauma can prohibit the linguistic section of your brain. Often making it incredibly hard to express and process what has happened. Wordless trauma. But art allows people to have a voice to experiences and feelings not easily expressed in words.

Our exhibition is about themes of trust, confidence, strength, resilience, power, acceptance, love, human compassion, children, vulnerability, super powers, growth, bravery, strength or heroes that have helped along the way.

On Thursday night (Feb 2nd) we have our opening night with guest speakers Amy Dawes (CEO of Australiasian Birth Trauma Association – ABTA), Dr.Kara Thompson (Pregnancy Uncut) and Helen Nightingale (Real Life Midwife). This will follow with an action with proceeds going to ABTA to support further resources, education and training for their Peer2Peer Support Program.

On Sunday (Feb 5th) is Family Fun Day which provides art activities for all ages to get creative and make some art together after a view of the gallery. We have rock affirmation making, clay and play, self directed facepainting and circus movement skills from Connect Circus.

All three of our regional hospitals ( SJOG Bendigo, Bendigo Health and CMH) maternity ward staff are collaboratively producing artwork for the exhibition, as well as the Greater City Bendigo MCH team have submitted a piece too. These professionals are on the front line in our community with pregnancy and beyond. It is so fantastic this exhibition will bring everyone together! 

Refreshments provided at both events by local sponsors! Come along and celebrate the bravery of the individuals and families! Birth trauma affects 1 in 3 women. Let’s reduce the stigma of BT. Talking brings about awareness and change. So let our art exhibition help start the conversations!

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