Help & Support

"The birth of my son should have been joyous"

Support Available Through Medicare or ACC

Both Medicare and ACC provide some support for birth trauma.  However, the pathways are country specific.

In New Zealand, your first port of call is your general practitioner who can recommend you to a specialist (usually a urogynaecologist in the case of physical birth trauma or social worker/mental care provider). The specialist will recommend that the injury is ACC related and help you complete the relevant forms.

Medicare provides rebates on a variety of mental health services ranging from specialist psychiatrists and psychologists to general practitioners, social workers and mental health care nurses. Possible pathway:

  • Make an appointment with your local doctor. He will provide a detailed assessment of your history and may also ask you to fill out an EPES form. Try to answer as truthfully and succinctly as possible so that your doctor can pinpoint your specific requirements.
  • You are entitled to up to six individual or six group allied mental health sessions. This may consist of either psychological assessment and therapy by a clinical psychologist or focused psychological strategies by an allied mental health professional.

In exceptional circumstances additional sessions may be provided under Medicare.  To access this you will need to return to your doctor. You may therefore access a maximum of six individual and ten group services per calendar year – with additional sessions in exceptional circumstances. At this time, a review of your GP Mental Health Treatment Plan may also be undertaken.

Psychological treatments can be obtained through direct payment to the provider, and if you have private health insurance you may also be eligible for a rebate.