Help & Support

"I was asking myself: If others are coping really well, why am I not?"

Support via Email

We have willing volunteers who are available to listen to your stories and provide you with support and direction. They are women (not qualified counsellors) who have personally experienced birth trauma and can therefore empathise with your situation from a real life perspective.

Speaking to another person who has been through what you have experienced, or reading through their stories, has proven to be an excellent way to provide some clarity and understanding of your own personal experience.

We believe that sharing these stories is a vital first step to assure you that you are not alone. Another way to decrease that sense of isolation may be to organise to meet a woman in person from your local area who has had a similar experience.

We also run a private Facebook group which is a safe space to connect with other women and specialists who will be able to offer non-judgmental support and advice.

If you are interested in becoming involved with ABTA please contact: