"We need to break the taboo over talking about birth trauma and challenge the (persistent) myth 'all that matters is a healthy baby'."

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We invite you those of you with a personal experience of birth trauma, to share your story. Research suggests that sharing your experience may be one of the most powerful forms of medicine. We want you to know that you are not alone and by sharing your birth story you are in turn saying to another woman, you are not alone.

As you develop the courage to share your story with others who have your best interests at heart, you open the doors to major positive changes in your body. Stress reactions are decreased and this helps your body to both physically and emotionally repair through calming the nervous system and decreasing negative thoughts such as helplessness, despair, anger, and loneliness which can accompany birth trauma.

You could also participate in our anonymous online survey which we can then use to inform healthcare professionals how to better support women traumatised by birth #breakthesilence

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You can support ABTA by donating or by sharing your story with us to help support other women. We are also currently recruiting a volunteer manager, please contact support@birthtrauma.org.au for more information.


ABTA is a not-for-profit organisation with strategic links to healthcare professionals, other not-for-profit organisations and members of the wider public which aims to address the often devastating aftermath of birth trauma. Contributions made by ABTA founders and board members are all on a voluntary basis.

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All donations, whether large or small, help us to provide ongoing assistance to mothers and families overwhelmed by birth trauma.  Your donations help us pay for:

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