"My daughter was delivered. Everyone seemed to disappear to focus on the baby"

How to Donate

ABTA is a not-for-profit organisation with strategic links to healthcare professionals, other not-for-profit organisations and members of the wider public which aims to address the often devastating aftermath of birth trauma. Contributions made by ABTA founders and board members are all on a voluntary basis.

Your support for ABTA is always gratefully accepted. Donation is a straightforward process. Visit our donation page to give a single or regular donation.

All donations, whether large or small, help us to provide ongoing assistance to mothers and families overwhelmed by birth trauma.  Your donations help us pay for:

  • The cost of hosting and managing our website
  • Printing costs of our leaflets, postcards and materials used for events
  • Travel expenses for committee meetings and conferences
  • Stationary such as business cards & printing supplies